Your Secure Fence Does Not Need To Imprison You

If you are living in a good middle class neighborhood, you may have sighed every once in a while. And by the time you pull up in your own driveway, you may sigh a little deeper, or shudder until your whole body does a shake before you have alighted from your car parked so insecurely in your exposed driveway. Why should one sigh and shudder? After all, the neighborhood you live in does seem quite nice.

You have been living in relative peace and quiet, comfort even, until now. You sigh at the number of very high walls and fences you see as you drive through your neighborhood. As nice as your neighborhood is, you wonder why we all have to do this much to protect ourselves as though we were all living within the walls of Fort Knox or the famous Alcatraz Prison. Why should we all feel like prisoners in our own home?

We are all honest to goodness hard working folks and we’ve done no wrong. Let the walls come down, because let’s be honest, those varmints can still find a way to mount them, and give our homes more honest and open goodness and appeal with a sizeable chain link fence Tampa insurrection. Yes, those varmints could still mount them, and to cap it all off, they could still see through across your sprawling lawn and up to your front door.

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But the looks are deceiving. Let them try their luck. They can try and mount your new see-through fence any time of the day or night, but they’ll still come unstuck once those unseen jagged edges catch them off guard. While they try and unravel themselves from their knot, it leaves more than enough time for the law to come howling up your street.