To Step Into The Tub Is Quite The Luxury For Some

So, do spare a thought or two for them. Spare a thought for the truly aged and those you would normally define as being physically disabled, physically challenged, or halt. Even on a normal day and for every other normal person out there, stepping into the bathtub has become something of a luxury. No-one seems to have much time anymore and there are places in the world where water is so scarce that authorities, where they could, have imposed restrictions on taxpayers’ bath times.

To have a bath in a large tub with a large volume of lovely, heated water with lots of lovely bubbles to surround you is quite the luxury indeed. But no-one ever needs to be excluded. A step in tub is quite the thing for the aged, ill and disabled. No more need to clamber, struggle and fall. And once in, a surprise awaits. A custom built seat awaits the bather. It would not have been possible for an old lady or physically disabled gentleman to lower themselves into a normal bath.

step in tub

And even if they were being assisted with well-adjusted and well-qualified hands, it would still be quite a struggle. Now, a concern has been raised about the step in tub and seat. Take the condition of the seriously immobile man or woman, someone who has lost the use of most of his or her body. How is he or she to enjoy a bath when the body cannot remain in one seated and comfortable position?

Comfortable harnesses can be prepared to ensure that no slips or accidents occur. Finally, a gentle and relaxing stream of water that only nourishes is enjoyed by way of a specially prepared nozzle that wastes no water.